We are a small local village Playschool, sited within the grounds of Bethersden Primary School. It is a beautiful location surrounded by fields. Our staff have completed all the mandatory training and more, but I feel it is our combined years of hands on practical experience that allows our setting to enable your child to reach their full potential.

Bethersden Playschool follow the Early Years Foundation Stage goals to observe and monitor progression in various areas of learning. Each child has a key person and buddy who will monitor their child’s individual development and ensure he/she is progressing. If a child is not progressing we work with the parents and various other professionals to find a learning method that works for your child.

Each child is treated as an individual – “a unique child”, we are an inclusive setting and all are welcome whatever culture, origin, disability and level of learning as long as aged between two and four years old.

All ages of children play together at our setting, the benefits of this are:

  • Younger children learn routines by following older ones.
  • It helps diminish learning gaps.
  • Older children learn by showing younger ones how to do things.
  • Younger children strive to achieve what their older peers are doing.
  • Gives older children a sense of responsibility helping a youngster.

We provide a safe and secure play environment and our number one priority is the children’s well-being – a happy and confident child with good self-esteem will want to learn – we then provide lots of interesting things to learn through play.

Ways our setting promotes good self-esteem:

  • Lead by example – Staff are happy, positive and friendly.
  • Praise good behaviour.
  • Give child small tasks and responsibilities.
  • Listen to what the children say.

Our Goals:

  • Teach children empathy
  • Help them to learn to share toys and take turns.
  • To follow instructions from someone other than family.
  • Make them familiar with the primary school so it is a smooth and easy transition.
  • Happy parents and carers.
  • Provide a balanced variety of play:

a) Garden, growing things, sand pit, water, climbing frames.
b) Playground used for ride-ons, balls and general freeplay.
c) Country walks.
d) Classroom environment.

Bethersden Playschool has good links with lots of professionals in various fields who can give advice, help and support for any children. We liaise with:

  • Speech and Language Team, for children with communication difficulties.
  • Children’s Centre Team.
  • The Local Inclusion Forum Team (LIFT) .
  • Early Help Team.
  • Inclusion and Diversity Team.
  • Part of a collaboration of pre-schools who share advice, issues and ideas.

Please click here to read prospectus: Bethersden Prospectus

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